ICMCI Presentation

Congratulations to Goal Group member Dianne Gibert for your presentation at the 2022 ICMCI Asia Pacific Hub Meeting on 14th June, along with colleagues from Singapore, Royal Australian Mint and Efficien:ology (UK).

The presentation topic was The Future of Consulting in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World.

There have been enormous changes globally over the last few years which have impacted us all both personally and professionally to an extent that we have not seen in a very long time. At every turn, we are seeing impacts of the pandemic, social and economic upheaval as well the increasing impacts of climate change. What does this mean for management consultants? How do we keep abreast not only of the latest developments that are impacting us but importantly, how we can help our clients through these turbulent times? Our three speakers have firsthand experience of working with clients to not only deal with the impacts of the changes but to be successful through these times.

This is an informative and stimulating program as speakers share how to tackle the future of consulting in a VUCA world exploring talent engagement strategies to minimise the risks with the ‘great resignation’ in the executive ranks, the critical leverage points for companies to achieve energy saving and net-zero, and lessons for consultants from the front line in delivering transformational agendas whilst mitigating risks and optimising operations in volatile and unpredictable business environments.

About Dianne:

Dianne Gibert commenced her career in banking and finance, completed a MBA with the Melbourne Business School and became a PA management consultant for over 20 years. As a management consultant, Dianne specialised in process improvement and change management on projects across Australia and overseas. 

She then established Certex International, a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body and a separate business Service Excellence Consulting to help companies and government sectors in quality, safety, privacy and compliance, particularly in employee engagement and contractors.

Over the past 15 years Dianne has worked in the recruitment and labour hire industry, working closely with the peak industry associations the RCSA and APSCo.  She has developed a range of services to assist employers to understand their obligations and assess their risks in the recruitment, engagement and management of workers.

Dianne is recognised as an expert in quality, risk, security and safety management systems, and in recruitment and national and state employment requirements.  She conducts Defence Ready Seminars on Collaborative Business Relationships and Defence ISO Basic and Advanced webinars and workshops, publishes articles and presents at conferences in Australia and internationally.