Strategic Advice & Support

Whether you are new to the defence industry and want to learn export control compliance basics, or you have already developed your compliance framework and want to ensure it’s robust, our Goal team are here to help.

Australian and US defence export control compliance is a challenging area, even for the most astute organisations. The regulations are complex and ever-changing and the penalties for non-compliance are severe.  Ensuring your organisation has in place the right licencing strategy, technology control plan, and expert advice when needed, will not only help you avoid costly violations but will also set you apart from your competitors.

The Goal team can work with your organisation to deliver specialised training and provide detailed advice on ITAR, EAR, Australian and other nations export regulations.  Goal’s industry experts will educate your staff and contractors on the rules and regulations and help you build strong processes, so you can operate with confidence.

Regardless of your organisations level of knowledge and experience, Goal can help demystify the topic of defence export controls and bring you up-to-speed with changing regulations.

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