Defence Ready Seminar Series

Are you an SME that wants to break into the Defence sector?

Over the next decade the Australian Department of Defence will be spending over $270 billion dollars on Defence related product and services. If you want to take part in this enormous opportunity, then your business needs to become Defence Ready.

There are plenty of opportunities for regional manufacturers and providers of goods and services to participate; however, many firms do not know how to meet Defence industry requirements or build the business relationships that will help them win Defence contracts.

Defence Ready Series Seminars

There are 14 modules within the complete series shown. We recommend you assign the appropriate members of your business to the various modules to become Defence Ready.

How is it Delivered?

Travel cost is $0 and travel time is zero. All you need is a basic video conferencing ability through your computer (webcam, microphone, and speaker or headphones).

The Seminar Series uses interactive online delivery, with a mixture of:

  • Participative virtual workshops – delivered by our experienced facilitators via Webex, allowing plenty of interaction and question time
  • eLearning Modules – hosted on Goal’s Learning Management System (LMS) and accessible via web browser
  • Video Case Studies – including lessons learned from experienced leaders in Defence Industry, both Primes and SMEs
  • Podcasts – for each seminar by our expert facilitators and additional key speakers.

Conducting the Seminars online means delegates can participate from any location, allowing us to reach companies Australia-wide. Virtual Workshops are capped at 40 delegates to allow for interaction and participation.

Why Do I Need Help Getting Into Defence?

Defence is a unique sector with its own language, security barriers, expectations, and ways of doing business. You will not be successful without effectively navigating several barriers.

Our instructors have organised decades of Defence business success and knowledge into a discreet seminar series. Each seminar will progress your business, with assistance, towards gaining access to the long-term Defence sector business opportunities.

What If I Have No Experience or Some Experience?

This series is designed to progress you and your business regardless of experience. All the seminars will influence your Defence specific business strategy.

You may enter the series at any point. The Explorer level gives you the oversight of the evolving Defence market. Even those familiar with Defence struggle to stay current with the rapid changes.

Noting the rapidly changing Defence environment it is strongly recommended you take the complete Defence Ready series.

Why Does Australian Defence Need Me or My Business?

Defence has mandated the development of an Australian Industry Capability able to support Australian Defence.

There is significant concern about Australian local industry’s ability to resource the growing demand for Defence aligned skills and capability.

Foreign Defence companies contracted to build submarines, ships, planes and trucks must use local business to satisfy their contractual obligations.

Infrastructure development on military bases is a major source of Defence spending being driven by the significant acquisitions. Local SME businesses can access all these opportunities.


Podcasts are available to give you detail on the available Defence Ready Series modules and help you select the right people in your organisation to attend.

All podcasts are available at

Defence Ready Series Facilitators

Alan Rankins (Defence Introduction)

Managing Director of Goal Professional Services and Managing Partner of the Goal Group, with 49 years of experience in Defence and Industry. Alan is also a past president of AIDN, retaining a role on the AIDN NSW Committee, and has significant experience as a project and programme manager in complex projects.

Bret Barton (Defence Introduction, Defence Business Development, Collaboration in Defence: Power of Many)

CEO of Goal Group, which operates Australia’s largest complementary SME model. Beginning his career in the Canadian Air Force, Bret progressed to flight testing F-16 systems with the US Air Force and subsequently moved to Australia in 2004 to help a start-up Defence consulting business, Nova Systems, grow into it’s significant position today.

Jacqui Daley (Defence Business Development)

A strategic and commercially focused marketer with a love for all things digital. Jacqui is the founder and MD of The Measured Marketer, a digital-first marketing consultancy based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. In her 18 year career she has successfully lead teams to develop and deliver effective integrated marketing strategy across digital and traditional platforms.

Dale Walters (Defence Tendering)

As principal of Defence Advisory Services Australasia – a boutique company specialising in government relations, lobbying, advisory services and consulting into Defence Industry – Dale brings a substantial and unique wealth of experience working with Defence and Defence Industry for over 30 years. Following 21 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy as a Marine Engineer, Dale undertook a variety of Business Development and Program Management roles prior to establishing Defence Advisory Services Australasia in 2015.

Kevin Chenney (Defence Export Controls)

Kevin has been active as Goal’s EAR/ITAR Trainer/Consultant for over 3 years. Kevin is experienced in consulting and auditing for SMEs and has over 9 years of military training experience coupled with 7 years of Industry experience. Kevin has worked with both Defence Industry and the Australian Defence Force in the area of Export Controls therefore bringing a broad and complete understanding to the Defence Export Control area in Australia.

Rinske Geerlings (Defence Industry Business Continuity Essentials)

Rinske was awarded Risk Consultant of the Year 2017 by the RMIA, Outstanding Security Consultant of the Year 2019 Finalist by the OSPAs and BPW Businesswoman 2010-2013. She is an internationally known consultant, speaker and certified Business Continuity, Information Security & Risk Management trainer. She draws on more than 20 years’ experience across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Michael McLean (Defence ISO Basics, Defence ISO Advanced)

Michael’s firm, McLean Management Consultants, was established in 1988 and has completed assignments in three level of government, private and not-for-profit in Australia and internationally. Michael is an accredited ISO 20700:2017 Trainer for Australian and international management consultants, and has AQF Accreditations in Competitive Systems and Practices, Training and Assessment; Advanced Diploma of Management; Frontline Management and Production Engineering. He has designed and delivered strategic improvement programs for DoD, RAAF, RAN and Army, and Conducted DoD CASG independent reviews, benchmarking and quality management with Maritime and Air Domains with Goal Group.

Rizwan Mahmood (Defence Relevant Data: Security Fundamentals)

Rizwan works as Director Data Security and Compliance for e-Safe Systems a UK based security vendor specialising in human risk to data security and compliance, since its inception. Rizwan has 18 years of experience of designing and management information security and artificial Intelligence based systems. He holds a Masters in Information Technology Management from Staffordshire University, UK, and is a certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Project Management Professional PMP®. During his time with e-Safe Systems he has held several strategic and leadership roles and has been instrumental in growing the business which is now protecting over a million users worldwide.

Ray Harvey (Defence Cyber Regulatory Controls)

Ray Harvey is the Defence Business Development Manager for Cider House ICT, a Goal Group member. Ray is passionate about ensuring that Australian businesses are protecting themselves from evolving cyber threats and are as competitive as they can be in the competitive Defence market. Ray has broad experience across a number of industries in State and National leadership roles, encompassing Electronics, I.T. and Education. He is passionate about education among people of all ages, having spent the better part of a decade instructing science teachers in the use of technology, including the provision of educational materials for teacher training at ACU in Melbourne.

Daniel Mendoza-Jones (Defence Contracting)

Daniel Mendoza-Jones is the founder of Mendoza Legal & Consulting and is a corporate and commercial lawyer with broad experience advising Defence Industry and the Commonwealth in relation to procurement and contracting. Daniel is a trusted adviser to clients in the fields of aerospace, aviation, Defence industry and Government. Having worked in private and government practice, Daniel’s commercial advice is often sought by government agencies and by small and large organisations doing business with government. He also provides legal advice to small businesses and not-for-profits.

Dianne Gibert (Collaboration in Defence: Power of Many)

Dianne Gibert is the founder of Certex International, which is licensed with JAS-ANZ to issue certifications in quality, safety, and environmental management. Certex was established 15 years ago, and is one of the few fully Australian owned certification bodies. As a boutique business, Certex specialises in SMEs, supporting them to realise the power of management system controls so their businesses can grow and prosper. In 2019 Certex completed the first Australian certification in the Collaboration standard, 44001:2018, for DMTC.

Dr Sally Fitzpatrick (Defence Industry’s Workforce: Resilience and Wellbeing)

Dr Fitzpatrick oversees a range of projects including Ahead for Business, a digital hub supporting the mental health and wellbeing of small business owners and those that support them. Dr Fitzpatrick is a clinical psychologist and researcher who is passionate about understanding the factors that contribute to the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians. She is particularly passionate about translating this knowledge into evidence-based programs that enhance the mental health and wellbeing of our communities. She holds a Master of Clinical Psychology and a PhD, is a conjoint Senior Lecturer at The University of Newcastle and holds an Honorary Postdoctoral Fellowship with Macquarie University.

Julian Chan (Defence Security)

Julian Chan is the Senior Defence Security Consultant for Goal Group.  Julian has spent over 16 years working with a large global corporation as the Australian Chief Security Officer – Public Sector and a medium sized company as their Senior Security Advisor and Federal Government Security SME.  Julian is intimate with the Defence Security Principals Framework (DSPF), Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and has working knowledge of the Information Security Manual (ISM).  Julian specialises in the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) across the 4 different security pillars of Governance, Personnel, Physical, and ICT/Cyber, ensuring that industry complies with the various DISP levels.  Julian is experienced in the security construction of sites requiring Australian Government security accreditation, for both new and existing sites, and has worked intimately with the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) since their establishment in 2010.  During his engagements, Julian has worked supporting a range of several Australian Federal and State Government agencies, ensuring compliance with regards to specific Protective Security governance controls. He is passionate about security and assisting businesses comply with various Australian Government security controls.

Effy Pantechis (Supply Chain/AIC)

Effy is a highly experienced senior engineering supply chain operations manager with extensive experience in commercial, defence and aviation. During her career she has overseen various supply chain functions including, complex procurement activities, governance and assurance framework development and implementation, inventory management, supplier management, financial budget management, process improvement, contractual negotiation and ERP (SAP) development.

Effy’s personal strengths include dedication to deliver sustainable outcomes and the ability to understand and work collaboratively with diversified stakeholders associated with an engineering supply chain.