Become a Goal Group Partner

Goal Group consists of a core group of organisations and a large network of strategic partners who work together to offer a full complement of consultancy services to our clients.

There is power in numbers. Goal Group Partners join forces to add breadth and depth to Goal Group’s expansive capabilities. This provides unique scale advantages not available to SME companies on their own and entirely new business opportunities to sustain and support profitable growth.

If your organisation is able to bring a skill, product or service to the table that would increase the services and support already offered by Goal Group, please contact us.

Goal Group’s Complementary SME Model

A Complementary SME Model has at its core SMEs who want to work together under a framework of trust and reciprocity.

Goal Group Vision: to support the Defence sector by leading and demonstrating a scalable professional services model based upon committed SME cooperation, collaboration and coopetition.

Many Minds…. One Goal.

Goal Group Model Principles:

  1. Greater Value can be accessed thru Cooperation, Collaboration and Coopetition.
  2. You must be willing to give to a partner and Trust in future Reciprocity.
  3. Partners complement each other and our collective values

Goal Group’s Complementary Values:

  1. Each Partner must enhance the goal Group brand and thus each other.
  2. Open, honest and respectful communication amongst Partners
  3. Respect for each other’s privacy, brand, IP and desire to be successful
  4. Shared interest in growing the Goal Group
  5. Loyalty to the Partners and the Group

Our Complementary Model takes effort and investment to manage and keep healthy. It’s a shared responsibility which has to deliver value to its partners.

The Partner Approach

Much of the value resides in sharing some things businesses traditionally hold very tightly. Amongst the Goal Group partners this includes:

  • Marketing
  • Intel
  • Relationships
  • Opportunities
  • Recruitment
  • Business Strategy
  • Brand power
  • Office space
  • Financial and admin support


There are lots of business relationships which work well. Subcontracting is more of a business arm’s-length approach which has its place and Goal Group does use this mechanism.