Become a Goal Group Member

Goal Group Australia consists of a core group of organisations and a large network of strategic partners who work together to offer a full compliment of consultancy services to our clients. There is no competition amongst Goal Group Members, rather we join forces in order to add breadth and depth to Goal Group’s expansive capabilities.

We always have our eye on growth and expansion with the goal of further developing our service offerings to be able to provide our clients with a fuller compliment of support solutions.

If your organisation is able to bring a skill, product or service to the table that would increase the services and support already offered by Goal Group, please contact us.

The Goal Group Vision

Our consultancy services are unique in that we are able to provide consulting and training services, thanks to our alliance of small to medium enterprises who operate within the defence, government and corporate sectors. We also work with a network of professionals within state and federal government departments. Goal Group offers our customers uniquely tailored and completely customisable business solutions and training to meet their individual needs in order to improve their organisation through the training, coaching and mentoring of their most valuable asset – their staff.

When Goal Group members come together to bid on and undertake a project, they do so under the banned of Goal Group with Goal undertaking the marketing and administration of all projects. Working in this capacity also gives Goal Group members the opportunity to assist one another within the group.

Becoming a Goal Group Member

The vision behind Goal Group is continuous growth to serve our clients better. To this end, Goal is on the lookout for businesses and organisations who can seamlessly augment the services already provided by Goal Group in order to increase the value we are able to offer to our current and future clients.

If you believe you have offerings that would complement what is already available through Goal Group, please contact us.