Export Control, ITAR & EAR Training

Training delivery by trusted and experienced professionals

Goal have been consistently providing high quality training and consulting services to the defence sector and associated supply chains since 2006.
Trusted by hundreds of organisations for our specialist educational programs, in 2014 Goal developed a comprehensive suite of export control compliance training (covering both ITAR and EAR) in response to market need.
With a focus on simplifying the often-complex areas of defence regulations and export controls, Goal have fast become the training provider of choice for many companies, including Airbus Group, NSM Australia, Penske, MOOG and ODIS.

The Goal training service offering can be fully tailored to suit the needs of your organisation, and consists of:

Face-to-face Training

Interactive and practical workshops delivered by industry experts to provide an in-depth look at the complex rules and regulations around export control.

Your Goal consultant will guide staff through US, Australian and other export compliance regimes, and unpack the unique aspects, regulations, and associated authorisations, with a specific focus on ITAR and EAR.

Training can be tailored to your specific organisational needs and identified areas of concern, incorporating terminology and industry relevant examples.  Whether aimed at Executive/Management teams, technicians, or operators who physically handle imported/exported goodsGoal will ensure your company and employees build the necessary knowledge and organisational capability required for operational compliance.

Training can be delivered on site or in a virtual setting – contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


A convenient and cost-effective virtual training experience to ensure your employees and contractors are aware of export control regulations applicable to Australian businesses.

Whilst in person training is always the optimum medium for engaging with staff, Goal recognises it can be expensive, time consuming and challenging logistically, particularly if your business is growing.  As such, Goal have developed an eLearning induction designed to provide basic export control compliance awareness, conveniently accessed through our online Training Management Platform.

The eLearning training package is:

  • An introduction to the regulations and requirements of defence export controls including ITAR and EAR (approx. 30 mins completion time). 
  • Suitable for new learners, or as a refresher for those already dealing with controlled goods or technology.
  • Regularly updated in line with regulatory changes.
  • Embedded with Knowledge Checks to ensure that users comprehend what they are reading.
  • Easily accessed by learners as an on-demand resource when required.
  • Simple for the learner to comprehend while providing a strong foundation of knowledge.
  • Competitively priced, catering for all organisations and associated supply chains.

Course components can be fully tailored to incorporate your unique company details including logo, terminology and/or industry specific examples.