Risk Management Products

Our iSuite of risk management programs addresses the key areas of risk and compliance in any business. Built to match problem areas that are important in today’s marketplace, the iSuite of programs will strengthen your business.  The iSuite Programs are provided by Certex International.

iSafe Program: Safety is an important part of every business and should be front-of-mind. As the industrial manslaughter laws are being passed state by state around Australia, Directors need to be sure their businesses are addressing safety adequately as they can be charged with jail time if found negligent. But safety goes beyond staying our of jail and we believe that everyone deserves a safe workplace. Whether that’s in a hospital, work site, manufacturing plant or even in an office, everyone needs to be aware of their safety responsibilities and ensure that they are managing the risks appropriately.

iPrivacy Program: Privacy and data breaches are a huge risk to organisations. As the market is becoming more aware of their responsibilities in managing sensitive information, the need for secure and reliable data management systems is self – evident. A host of recent data breaches brings the issue of privacy to the forefront of business risk and compliance. Penalties for non-compliance are high and the damage of a data breach is irreparable.  The iPrivacy Program was born of this environment where an external assessment of your data management system is what businesses need to feel secure.

iEngage Program: A major topic today wherever you turn – politics, media, trade unions, legislation, business forums – is how to best engage and work with employees and contractors. The problems are many – some legislation is not clear, some case law can confuse and not clarify, and businesses and trade unions have clear objectives which are not always consistent.  It is a difficult space for an employer, even one who is fully aware of the many factors to be considered in engaging and renumerating workers correctly. The iEngage assessment is a high-level assessment of where your risks might be. It is designed to identify areas that may require further analysis and support.

iWork Program: With numerous scandals hitting the news over the past few years, it’s crucial that businesses ensure they are employing people with the Right to Work in Australia and can provide evidence if questioned.  A number of organisations have been remiss in this process and there is now an increased focus on this area of talent management. The iWork Assessment is a high-level assessment of where your risks might be in assessing candidates Right to Work in Australia.  It is designed to identify areas that may require further analysis and support.

iTalent Program: People are the most important resource of any business. Managing and retaining workforce capabilities in an organisation is critical for success. How does your business identify your HR needs for now, for the future, and how do retain your best people across all levels in your organisation?