NEW ARTICLE: The Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill 2023: The Key to AUKUS

Goal Group’s Amy McDonnell, General Manager Security, Trade and Industry was recently published through the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre. The piece is an in-depth policy brief on the new Australian export controls. It addresses the benefits and shortfalls of the new rules and discusses policy options for Government to consider when addressing industry and academia’s feedback through subsequent regulatory updates and implementation.

Essentially, it argues that the proposed rules are necessary to strengthen Australia’s export control regime which is a key tenet of Australia’s protective security environment. The proposed rules will make Australian export controls bear a closer resemblance to the US system, facilitating AUKUS cooperation by making it easier for Australia to qualify for a US export control exemption by meeting US standards of sufficient comparability. However, it argues the new rules will make export control compliance even more onerous for Australian defence and dual-use industry and academia. Affected industry and academic stakeholders will require substantial support when these changes come online. To ensure a smooth transition, affected stakeholders would benefit from the ability to access swift support, from a knowledgeable and authoritative source with the capacity to provide solutions.

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