Risk Management Frameworks and Assessments


Goal Group has global experience establishing and undertaking risk management frameworks for projects and programmes. Our team of risk management personnel bring a high level of expertise and a wealth of experience to the table which has enabled Goal Group to successfully undertake the management of a variety of client projects from a wide range of industries.


If you employ people you are obligated to manage risk. If you want to run a successful and resilient business or agency, then effective risk management is a point of competitive and operational advantage.


Goal Groups risk management team has developed an efficient process for risk identification and assessment which we deliver to our clients in a workshop setting or as a service.

Goal Group has experience and products to help in the following areas:

  • operational risk reviews and strategic risk assessment;
  • development and implementation of enterprise-wide risk and compliance programmes;
  • compliance audits and compliance reviews;
  • mediation, dispute investigation and resolution meditation training;
  • security and site surveys;
  • WHY audits, reviews, plans and programme development;
  • security and investigation services; insurance program reviews and tenders; critical infrastructure audits and reviews;
  • business continuity and disaster recover planning and crisis management consultancy;
  • fraud and corruption reviews, ethics and fraud and corruption training;
  • policy and procedure development and training delivery across all risk areas;
  • online training and compliance programmes;
  • corporate governance health check and board reviews training; and
  • data analytics services.

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