Cyber Risk Assessment Products

Supply Chain Cyber Resilience

Distributed Sensitive Data and IP . Protection . Visibility . Control


Now have affordable security technology that can help them meet their data control and protection obligations.

Export Control

“Knowing and controlling who accesses our sensitive data and IP when it leaves our enterprise is our responsibility”

Government & Primes

“Finally, we will have real-time visibility and control of our information-assets flowing through our global supply chains”.

3 Cyber Products Working Together


• Million users globally
• Affordable and unobtrusive
• Designed for businesses and manufacturers
• Automates datamonitoring, provides
clear reporting and helps SMEs conform
to DISP, ISO/IEC 27001,
NIST 800-171 and CMMC.


• Persistent and
transparent encryption
• All data file formats
circulating within the supply chain.
• Unique capability for
many essential file formats used in
defence manufacturing.

• Releasing 2023


• Australian Gatekeeper Public
Key infrastructure
• Distribute and grant/retract
data access anywhere – anytime
• IP owners retain security
control of all their data at all
stages and locations

• Releasing 2023


Delivering ‘Verifiable Trust’ across the Defence Supply Chain


Health, finance and the Defence supply chains are vulnerable cyber security points. Protection, visibility, and true control of shared sensitive data is not currently possible at the supply chain level. It is a major risk and issue for global Defence sectors as well as any sector which shares sensitive data outside its enterprise protected enclaves.

Why Now

Australia is investing over AUS$270 billion into the Australia Defence sector over the next decade. Major “Enterprise” level initiatives require IP collaboration and data sharing amongst Primes, SMEs and Government agencies as well as significant export control management and governance.

Recent events have highlighted how even large organisations, such as those in telecommunications, health and finance, can be vulnerable.

All Data – Even as it Changes and Grows

Unstructured data is data that is not stored in a structured database format. Most sensitive data shared in the Defence Supply Chain is unstructured. Unstructured data includes engineering design files, sensor data, source code, office files, project management files, videos.

Sensitive data is growing and replicating throughout the supply chain journey. SMEs store copies of shared files, edit and create new files containing sensitive information related to the project. Primes and IP owners need verification that these files are continuously protected from loss or unauthorised access, tracked, and disposed of at the end of the project.


GuardWare will solve the problem of securing unstructured sensitive data.

GuardWare’s cybersecurity products, GuardWare PROTECT and GuardWare OVERSIGHT, address key vulnerabilities as sensitive files flow, replicate and are created throughout the supply chain.


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    File-Based, Persistent and Transparent Encryption  of  Any  File  Type: All sensitive unstructured data in SMEs can be protected, not just office documents as in competing
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    SME Practical Design: SMEs can work with the protected unstructured data seamlessly without operational impact or IT support.
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    Support for Contractual KPIs: The discovery, tracking and destruction of unstructured sensitive data is automated and recorded to meet contractual KPIs on the same. This includes not just shared data but any new data that is created as part of the project by the suppliers.
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    Verifiable Trust and Control: IP Owners and Primes never lose control or oversight of their data anywhere in the supply chain. The visibility, control, and assurance available to the Prime and IP Owner extends down to the user / pc level within the SME.
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    Immediate Interdiction: IP Owners and Primes can stop or grant access to data anywhere and at any time.