Technical Documentation

GOAL Professional Services offers clients extensive technical writing and editing expertise.

We specialise in taking complex subject matter (whether it relates to systems, products, services or methodologies) and then documenting this information to ensure the meaning is communicated to your intended audience. We focus on providing clarity, ensuring logic and reducing complexity in order to convey technical concepts without any loss of meaning.

Technical Documentation Services

Documentation for all Requirements

GOAL Professional Services can assist you to develop all types of technical documentation, including:

  • asset management strategies
  • employee manuals
  • functional specifications
  • grants and award submissions
  • procedure manuals
  • product specifications
  • project proposals
  • regulatory documentation
  • user help documentation
  • white papers

GOAL Professional Services supply skilled Technical Authors and Writers to produce business specific User Guides, Training Materials, Reference Manuals, Technical Briefs, Reports, White Papers, Proposals, Brochures, Presentations, Demos and Online Help systems that are truly functional and user friendly.

Companies today require affordable, reliable, and international quality documentation. Our objective is to document every feature of the product/service as closely and clearly as possible. Our endeavour at GOAL professional Services is to create documentation that is thorough, logically organized, clear, simple to understand, attractive and is coordinated with the product.

Most importantly we provide services as required, as documentation work is never continuous. It is at its peak just before the launch of a new product and disappears almost completely after that, needing minimal maintenance and updating throughout it’s required lifespan.

This is a perfect scenario to outsource your documentation to a technical authoring / writing organization.

Information design and instructional material

GOAL Professional Services understands and can apply the fundamental principles of information design to your project. We use our expertise to create intuitive, user-centric documents and systems. We undertake a thorough analysis to identify the user requirements and design the content and presentation of this information accordingly.

GOAL Professional Services can produce a range of educational materials designed to meet the specific needs of your staff, clients or users. We can ensure that the content addresses a range of learning styles (e.g. visual, auditory or tactile) and help you select the best tools to develop your project (e.g. MS Word, Adobe etc)