Birth of Defence Ready

Over the next decade the Australian Department of Defence will be spending over $270 billion dollars on Defence related products and services. If you want to take part in this enormous opportunity, then your business needs to become Defence Ready.

Defence Ready is a common term.  To Goal Group it is based on a Defence Ready Framework© devised by our Executive Director Alan Rankins.  This framework is underpinned by Alan’s 49 years of Defence and Defence Industry experience and his passion for assisting SMEs .  Alan has over 20 years experience of AIDN executive involvement and a career spanning program management, engineering and capability development in Defence.  He combined that experience with 15 years of SME ownership to roadmap the needs of Defence to a series of pillars SMEs must achieve to underpin their readiness for Defence work. This has resulted in a Series of Seminars and follow-on information that is already receiving widespread praise. 

There are plenty of opportunities for regional manufacturers and providers of goods and services to support the Defence Industry; however, many firms do not know how to meet Defence industry requirements or build the business relationships that will help them win Defence contracts.

Thanks to Alan’s brain-child and hard work, the pathway to Defence is now clear.  If you want to see the end result of this, please have a look at our Defence Ready Series Training page.