Defence Readiness Seminars Announced

In August 2021 Australia’s first fully government-funded Defence Ready Seminar Series (DRSS) was announced at the Hunter Defence Conference.

This is a joint initiative between Hunter Defence, Department of Defence, Goal Group and Australian Industry & Defence Network NSW, that will run over 12 months and includes 13 training modules – each a complete course of 2-7 weeks.

The seminar series is now well underway with plans to bring this not-to-be-missed opportunity to new businesses in the future.

“This initiative is unique in this country”, said Tim Owen, Industry Advocate for Hunter Defence. “It’s about making a business as ready as it can be to compete in the global supply chain, winning defence contracts for Australian industry.”

“It’s an opportunity for SMEs to take their businesses from ‘defence interested’ to ‘defence ready’, he continued, “with the potential to become an advanced defence business and a supplier of choice”.

The seminar series includes virtual workshops, eLearning, videos, introductory podcasts and question and discussion sessions. Each topic, from business development to tendering and security, is being delivered by a team of experienced industry leaders and facilitators.

Seminars are targeted at three levels: Explorer, Exponent and Expert, with businesses selecting their level and the modules they’d like to participate in depending on their current industry involvement, strengths and weaknesses.

“This Defence Ready series offers a perfect introduction to Defence for businesses that are interested in expanding into this lucrative industry and will help those already in the sector to sharpen their competitive advantage.

Discover more about the Defence Ready Seminar Series here