Defence Ready Public Seminars

This is a pay-per-delegate option for those companies who:

  • Want immediate access to seminar content
  • May not be eligible for the funded seminars
  • Would like more than one representative from their company to attend

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Defence Introduction – 17th November 2021

The Australian Department of Defence and the Defence sector are large, complex and frequently changing. You can work an entire career within the Defence sector and not be aware of the new opportunities, panels, policies, grants critical to your future success. This foundation course will deliver valuable broad understanding and will be used as a baseline for understanding in future seminar series.

This seminar addresses the “Explorer”, which we define as:

  • Companies or staff having little or no knowledge of working with Defence or Defence Industry;
  • Business owners or business development managers, curious to inform themselves for a better-quality decision as to whether to pursue the Defence market; or
  • People recently employed by a business already operating within the Defence space who require a fundamental understanding to better orientate them to the market.

Expected outcomes

  • Understand the Structure of the Defence Department and Market in Australia
  • Understand how the Defence websites are constructed and where to find information
  • Understand where to access Defence Industry Policy, Procurement Rules, Tenders and Investment Plans
  • Understand how to locate the right contacts for opportunities and departments
  • Understand Innovation Streams
  • Identify the Defence Prime Contractors in each Department of Defence and how to locate a contact
  • Introduction to the major Industry Associations relevant to Defence in this area
  • Hear first-hand Case Studies from experienced SMEs
  • Understand what Government assistance is available to SMEs and how to access it.

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Defence Industry Business Continuity Essentials – 12th November 2021

If there was ever the need for a practical Business Continuity Plan (BCP)… It is now!


As a small to medium sized business (SME) aiming to do business with Defence and/or other large customers, being able to demonstrate a practical, tested BCP is essential in order to have any chance of being accepted.


Whilst COVID-19 taught us all what working from home is all about, it was a ‘slow onset’ scenario that came with relatively long acceptable lead-times to get setup – and critical resources such as IT systems, network connectivity and key staff usually remained available.

For the following reasons, you should not be complacent about your Business Continuity capability:

  • ‘Fast onset’ scenarios such as a fire, severe weather situation, physical security incident, network outage, supply chain disruption or cyber-attack require immediate decision-making, response and recovery strategies to be activated – and without clear checklists and regular practice, you may be up for nasty surprises;
  • Working from home may be the way to continue office-based functions, but it doesn’t help those in manufacturing or logistics, e.g. suppliers of Defence equipment/products, raw materials and transport services;
  • The Defence Department itself has extremely robust incident response and continuity provisions in place, they regularly take these for a test drive and will expect you as their third-party vendor to participate in their disaster drills;
  • Those businesses who pay hefty premiums for Business Interruption (BI) insurance are missing out on potentially large savings on premiums – or better coverage; and
  • Having a properly documented, validated BCP is a ‘must’ to provide shareholders, customers, staff, partners and general public with confidence that your business is able to continue providing pre-agreed, critical services ‘no matter what’.


Be ahead of the pack and book now for the extremely practical online ‘Business Continuity Essentials’ workshop facilitated by leading global risk ‘guru’ Ms Rinske Geerlings including ISO 22301 aspects, practical case studies and ready-to-use templates.

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