Defence Ready Public Seminars

Should I Attend?

If you want to position your Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) business to access daily opportunities originating from over $200 billion AUD Defence spending – then ‘Defence Ready” is for you.

If you are a larger business seeking access to major Defence acquisitions and support opportunities – then ‘Defence Ready” is for you.

About the Defence Ready Seminar Series™         

The Seminar Series is designed to assist SMEs to:

  • Develop sustainable organisational capabilities and competencies to meet Australian and International Defence prime contractor requirements; and
  • Overcome identified weaknesses or shortfalls in their capabilities and competencies.

How is it Delivered?

Travel cost is $0 and travel time is zero. All you need is a basic video conferencing ability through your computer (webcam, microphone, and speaker or headphones).

The Seminar Series uses interactive online delivery:

  • Participative virtual workshops,
  • eLearning,
  • videos,
  • podcasts, and
  • questions and discussion sessions.

Why Do I Need Help Getting Into Defence?

Defence is a unique sector with its own language, security barriers, expectations, and ways of doing business. You will not be successful without effectively navigating several barriers.

Our instructors have organised decades of Defence business success and knowledge into a discreet seminar series. Each seminar will progress your business, with assistance, towards gaining access to the long-term Defence sector business opportunities.

Why Does Australian Defence Need Me or My Business?

Defence has mandated the development of an Australian Industry Capability able to support Australian Defence.

There is significant concern about Australian local industry’s ability to resource the growing demand for Defence aligned skills and capability.

Foreign Defence companies contracted to build submarines, ships, planes and trucks must use local business to satisfy their contractual obligations.

Infrastructure development on military bases is a major source of Defence spending being driven by the significant acquisitions. Local SME businesses can access all these opportunities.

What If I Have No Experience or Some Experience?

This series is designed to progress you and your business regardless of experience. All the seminars will influence your Defence specific business strategy.

You may enter the series at any point. The Explorer level gives you the oversight of the evolving Defence market. Even those familiar with Defence struggle to stay current with the rapid changes.

Noting the rapidly changing Defence environment it is strongly recommended you take the complete Defence Ready series.

The Defence Ready Public Series

Provides the essential seminars applicable to any business positioning for Australian Defence opportunities. This targeted series includes the following seminars:

  • Defence Introduction
  • Defence Business Development
  • Defence Tendering
  • Defence Export Controls
  • Defence Security (including DISP)
  • Defence Industry Business Continuity Essentials

Delegates will be enrolled in order of registration, up to a maximum of 40 per seminar.


Seminar NameVirtual WorkshopseLearning ModulesPodcastsPrice per Delegate (AUD) ex GST
Defence Introduction241$955.00
Defence Business Development71$993.00
Defence Tendering41$776.00
Defence Export Controls411$606.00
Defence Security211$841.00
Defence Industry Business Continuity Essentials611$700.00

Seminar Dates

Seminars will run between April and August 2021, with exact dates to be confirmed.

Seminar Delivery

Each seminar utilises a unique mix of learning technologies to engage delegates, including:

  • Podcasts – for each seminar by our expert facilitators and additional key speakers
  • eLearning Modules – hosted on Goal’s Learning Management System (LMS) and accessible via web browser
  • Virtual Workshops – delivered by our experienced facilitators via Cisco Webex, allowing plenty of interaction and question time.

Conducting the Seminars online means delegates can participate from any location, allowing us to reach companies Australia-wide. Virtual Workshops are capped at 40 delegates to allow for interaction and participation.

About Goal Group

Goal Group has been working with Defence since 2006. Our Executives, senior consultants and facilitators have international Defence and business experience. We have built businesses with great success in the Defence sector.

Goal Group is a member firm of the Hunter Defence Task Force and a long time AIDN NSW member.

Goal Group Facilitators

Alan Rankins (Defence Introduction)

Managing Director of Goal Professional Services and Managing Partner of the Goal Group, with 49 years of experience in Defence and Industry. Alan is also a past president of AIDN, retaining a role on the AIDN NSW Committee, and has significant experience as a project and programme manager in complex projects.

Bret Barton (Defence Introduction, Defence Business Development)

CEO of Goal Group, which operates Australia’s largest complementary SME model. Beginning his career in the Canadian Air Force, Bret progressed to flight testing F-16 systems with the US Air Force and subsequently moved to Australia in 2004 to help a start-up Defence consulting business, Nova Systems, grow into it’s significant position today.

Jacqui Daley (Defence Business Development)

A strategic and commercially focused marketer with a love for all things digital. Jacqui is the founder and MD of The Measured Marketer, a digital-first marketing consultancy based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. In her 18 year career she has successfully lead teams to develop and deliver effective integrated marketing strategy across digital and traditional platforms.

Dale Walters (Defence Tendering)

As principal of Defence Advisory Services Australasia – a boutique company specialising in government relations, lobbying, advisory services and consulting into Defence Industry – Dale brings a substantial and unique wealth of experience working with Defence and Defence Industry for over 30 years. Following 21 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy as a Marine Engineer, Dale undertook a variety of Business Development and Program Management roles prior to establishing Defence Advisory Services Australasia in 2015.

Kevin Chenney (Defence Export Controls)

Kevin has been active as Goal’s EAR/ITAR Trainer/Consultant for over 3 years. Kevin is experienced in consulting and auditing for SMEs and has over 9 years of military training experience coupled with 7 years of Industry experience. Kevin has worked with both Defence Industry and the Australian Defence Force in the area of Export Controls therefore bringing a broad and complete understanding to the Defence Export Control area in Australia.

Rinske Geerlings (Defence Industry Business Continuity Essentials)

Rinske was awarded Risk Consultant of the Year 2017 by the RMIA, Outstanding Security Consultant of the Year 2019 Finalist by the OSPAs and BPW Businesswoman 2010-2013. She is an internationally known consultant, speaker and certified Business Continuity, Information Security & Risk Management trainer. She draws on more than 20 years’ experience across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Please contact us at if you would like more information about this seminar series. If you are interested, we recommend that you register your interest in order to secure a place as seminar numbers are strictly limited.