SAFE – elysianTek Cyber Risk Quantification


SAFE is a Security Assessment Framework for Enterprise. An Enterprise-wide, Objective, Unified, & Real Time Platform which incorporates Human, Technical & Business Elements and provides a Quantified Output for Measurement and Actionable Insights for Mitigation of Organizational Cyber Risk


  • Building Management Confidence in the Organization’ Cybersecurity Program
  • Enabling CISO to represent the Bank’s cybersecurity posture in the form of a measurable artefact (a number) to the Organization’s Board, Leadership, Regulators, Shareholders and Customers
  • Converting cybersecurity decision-making in the Organization from being assumptions-based to artefacts-based, from reactive to proactive, and from effort-led to accountability-led
  • Empowering the CISO and Organization to make insights-driven investments into cyber security, Continuously Measuring and Improving the impact on the Bank’s cybersecurity posture

In a Zero Trust world
Let us help you Measure Trust

SAFE Score Outcomes for the Organization

  • SAFE Benefits – How SAFE benefits a Customer
  • Unified Approach – SAFE not only covers Technology assessments but allows organization to include People, Policies/Processes and Cyber Security Architecture Assessment and monitoring continuously
  • Organization-Wide – SAFE provides coverage across the infrastructure Tech Stack (includes AS-IS & new devices can be onboarded and effectively managed)
  • Continuous Security Configuration Assessment – Organization can schedule the frequency of assessments which enable them to understand the configuration settings of the devices and their potential risks
  • Insights Driven Budgeting – Organization will understand the key areas of concern and maximize their ROI via data driven budgeting through SAFE insights
  • Baseline Configurations & Status Check – Organization can make sure whether a policy has been deployed on all the systems thus ensuring baseline is effective across the organization.
  • Compliance & Governance Monitoring – Through SAFE, Organization can monitor their compliance towards different industry standards and regulatory compliances
  • Dynamic Reporting and Notification Engine – Through SAFE, get clear visibility to the changes happening in the organization and their potential impact on security posture with scheduled reports and customized alerts/notification via Email, in- SAFE, Mobile SMS and Voice call.

Who will this benefit in your Organisation:

  • CRO & Independent Board Member who heads the Risk Committee
    • Generally, someone who does not understands cyber security jargons and loves the idea of a single “metric” they can track.
    • Get a Dollar Value Risk of the organization
  • CISO
    • Being able to report the true picture of the cyber security maturity of the organization to the board
    • Justify Before and After Stet (ROI) with demand of higher cyber security budgets from the board.
  • CEO
    • Finally a consistent and easy to understand cyber risk security metric they can rely on and then work toward improving the secxurity risk posture
    • Sight of Line of Business Cyber Risk.
  • CIO
    • Prioritisation of remediation efforts
    • Common metric/source of truth

SAFE Standard Deployment Lifecycle

Client comments

“Lucideus Safe is a very versatile and easy to implement product even for smaller groups like us. It has also helped us in inculcating a consciousness of security in our employees. The deployment and training team were also very helpful and responsive… Quite a handy and needed tool in today’s environment of persistent and forever changing cyber security challenges. “ – CEO Manufacturing organization

“Havells was there 1st customer and I am glad that I took that decision. The product is phenomenal and fits the need well. The team is also very helpful and makes changes to the product as and when needed“– President, Havells

“A typical CISO problem is to represent the security posture numerically. SAFE is a tool that clearly understands this problem and provides a very clear numeric score based on published control requirements and their criticalities, across the asset base, verticals and geo locations. A very niche product“ – CISO, Manufacturing organization