SAFE Cyber Risk

SAFE – elysianTek Cyber Risk Quantification


SAFE is a Security Assessment Framework for Enterprise. An Enterprise-wide, Objective, Unified, & Real Time Platform which incorporates Human, Technical & Business Elements and provides a Quantified Output for Measurement and Actionable Insights for Mitigation of Organizational Cyber Risk


  • Building Management Confidence in the Organization’ Cybersecurity Program
  • Enabling CISO to represent the Bank’s cybersecurity posture in the form of a measurable artefact (a number) to the Organization’s Board, Leadership, Regulators, Shareholders and Customers
  • Converting cybersecurity decision-making in the Organization from being assumptions-based to artefacts-based, from reactive to proactive, and from effort-led to accountability-led
  • Empowering the CISO and Organization to make insights-driven investments into cyber security, Continuously Measuring and Improving the impact on the Bank’s cybersecurity posture

SAFE Score Outcomes for the Organization

  • SAFE Benefits – How SAFE benefits a Customer
  • Unified Approach – SAFE not only covers Technology assessments but allows organization to include People, Policies/Processes and Cyber Security Architecture Assessment and monitoring continuously
  • Organization-Wide – SAFE provides coverage across the infrastructure Tech Stack (includes AS-IS & new devices can be onboarded and effectively managed)
  • Continuous Security Configuration Assessment – Organization can schedule the frequency of assessments which enable them to understand the configuration settings of the devices and their potential risks
  • Insights Driven Budgeting – Organization will understand the key areas of concern and maximize their ROI via data driven budgeting through SAFE insights
  • Baseline Configurations & Status Check – Organization can make sure whether a policy has been deployed on all the systems thus ensuring baseline is effective across the organization.
  • Compliance & Governance Monitoring – Through SAFE, Organization can monitor their compliance towards different industry standards and regulatory compliances
  • Dynamic Reporting and Notification Engine – Through SAFE, get clear visibility to the changes happening in the organization and their potential impact on security posture with scheduled reports and customized alerts/notification via Email, in- SAFE, Mobile SMS and Voice call.
SAFE Standard Deployment Lifecycle

Who will this benefit in your Organisation:

  • CRO & Independent Board Member who heads the Risk Committee
    • Generally, someone who does not understands cyber security jargons and loves the idea of a single “metric” they can track.
    • Get a Dollar Value Risk of the organization
  • CISO
    • Being able to report the true picture of the cyber security maturity of the organization to the board
    • Justify Before and After Stet (ROI) with demand of higher cyber security budgets from the board.
  • CEO
    • Finally a consistent and easy to understand cyber risk security metric they can rely on and then work toward improving the secxurity risk posture
    • Sight of Line of Business Cyber Risk.
  • CIO
    • Prioritisation of remediation efforts
    • Common metric/source of truth