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Eventually, most ADF members will look to transition into civilian life and will look to utilise their unique experience by continuing to support Defence in a civilian capacity.

The biggest challenge for ADF members looking to transition is identifying the best pathway. A wrong decision can lead to frustration and missed opportunities. There are a number of decisions you will need to make about this next stage of your career, and one of the big ones is, how do you want to be engaged for that work?

In this short guide we are covering the 3 main engagement types and discussing the good, the bad and even the ugly of each option to help you make the best decision.

Alan Rankins

After serving for 21 years in the Royal Australian Navy, Alan moved into a number of civilian roles before deciding to start his own company in 2006. Initially, Goal Professional Services was born in partnership with his brother Geoff and offered mainly project management training services.

While training was, and still is, a core part of Goal, the brothers decided to go in separate directions with Geoff continuing his mentoring services while Alan concentrated more on consulting.

Alan quickly realised the drawbacks faced by smaller companies when trying to compete against the ‘big boys’ and formed the Goal Group, which is a network of complementary businesses who work together to offer clients superior consultancy services. Geoff remains a member of Goal Group, providing a superior mentoring offering via his company, Aspire Australasia.

Alan is coming up on 50 years of direct involvement and contribution to Defence and the Defence Industry. He is passionate about supporting Defence and helping other small businesses find their own pathway into this billion-dollar industry.

After 14.5 years as CEO of Goal, Alan has moved to the role of Managing Director, giving him the space to concentrate on specific projects that challenge and delight him. Bret Barton was appointed the role of CEO in January 2021 and Goal is already experiencing new growth and focused direction under his leadership.