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Weapons Effect Simulators

Goal Professional Services has entered into an Agency Agreement with Drew Defense GmbH of Bremerhaven Germany to act as their agent in Australia for Weapons Effect Simulators.  This compliments our extensive range of Operator Simulators from ZEN Technologies which are offered via our Satori Technologies subsidiary.

Drew Defense is a world-renowned specialist of pyrotechnic products for signalling and illumination as well as training and simulation.  For more than five decades Drew Defense has been a provider of leading edge technology in mine field breaching systems and state of the art gas pressure generators, both for civial and military application.

The Bremerhaven site produces a broad spectrum of pyrotechnic products and services with a focus on customer satisfaction.  Applied pyro-technology paired with mechanical engineering, fundamental knowledge of inner and outer ballistics, chemical engineering of effect-, delay-, propulsion-, and ejection compositions has led to a fine range of products.

The automation in pyrotechnic production is second to none and provides, besides the positive commercial aspect, the highest degree in quality assurance and relability.  Constant research and development paired with our responsibility towards the environment has and will optimise the range of products and services offered now by Goal in Australia.

Weapons Effects Simulation

Our Product Range

  • Signal and Illumination
  • Minefield Breaching
  • Training and Simulation
  • Civil Pyrotechnics

Traditionally, the manufacturing of pyrotechnic products is manually oriented.  For many decades now Drew Defense has transisted from manual to automatic operations.  This ensures not only high cost effectiveness but also reliable quality products.

If you would like more information about these products or the services that Goal can provide, please contact us at [email protected] or use our Contact Us form.

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