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Transport Simulators

Bus Simulator (BusSim)

Bus Driving Simulator  is a versatile indoor training system that trains bus drivers of varied skill-sets and experience. The simulator uses ‘to scale’ bus cabin with all gauges, controls, transmission systems and indicators found in a bus. The software has been specially developed to recreate the typical environment in which bus drivers operate. It takes into account the sensitive nature of the duty of a driver for whom the safety of the passengers and their comfort are of paramount importance.

The Bus Driving Simulator has three main systems – Bus Driving Training Software, Instructor Station and Driver Station. The software has been designed specially for bus simulation. The trainer/instructor controls the driver training from Instructor Station while the trainees occupy Driver Stations.

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Driver Aptitude Testing System (DATS)

Driver’s Aptitude Testing System  is scientifically designed and tested. This helps test psycho-motor functions of individuals authorized to drive an automobile/machine on land. It identifies individuals prone to accidents by exposing psycho-motor deficiencies. Psycho-motor function is responsible for driver’s decisions and is generally referred to as ‘judgment’ while driving.

Zen Driver Aptitude Testing System tests driver’s alertness, depth perception, peripheral vision, night vision and ability to recover quickly from the effects of glare.

Zen DATS can be used for regular screening and on drivers with different levels of experience. It can be used for yearly checks of all drivers to record changes, if any, from the earlier tests. Every individual issued with a license to drive a civil, military or a specialist machine bears the responsibility to ensure safety on road. Countless human lives can be saved if the psycho-motor deficiencies of drivers are known in advance.

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Driving Simulator (DS)

The Driving Simulator  is a versatile indoor, classroom driver training simulator. The simulator of Light, Medium and Heavy vehicles come with the option of either Left or Right Hand drive. Zen Driving Simulator basic system is supplied with a single Instructor Station and a Driver Station but it has facility to control up to 10 Driver Stations of various combinations of vehicles individually or simultaneously.

The Driver Station of the driving simulator has a seat for driver, safety belt and realistic controls. LCD monitors display 3D CGI driving scenes of different types of roads, traffic, terrains, environmental conditions and also the rear mirrors’ views. Drivers with different skill levels can train simultaneously on different Driver Stations.

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Driving Training Simulator (DTS)

The Driving Training Simulator  is a versatile indoor training system for light, medium and heavy vehicle trainee drivers. The simulator facilitates training in a ‘to scale’ vehicle cabin with actual indicators and controls, thereby creating a realistic driving environment. The simulator is manufactured for both Left and Right Hand drives. The basic system is supplied with an Instructor Station and a Driver Station. However, up to 10 Driver Stations can be configured with an Instructor Station.

Each Driver Station can be independently controlled by the Instructor Station. Drivers with different levels of skills can train simultaneously in different Driver Stations. A single Instructor Station can also control different category of vehicles e.g. light, medium or heavy vehicles. Driving scenes and the rear view mirrors are flashed by use of a back projected large curved screen display system

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