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Mining Simulation

Mining Equipment Training Simulator (METS)

The Mining Equipment Training Simulator is a state-of-the-art indoor mining equipment training simulator that trains operators of heavy mining equipment and machinery like Dumpers, Shovels/Excavators, Dozers of various capacities and operating either on wheels or tracks.

The Mining Equipment Training Simulator imparts basic and advanced skills required to operate the mining equipment in challenging environment. The simulator has different training lessons for new, experienced and out-of-touch operators, supervisors and trainers.

The simulator comprises Equipment Simulator and Conversion Kits. Equipment Simulator is a software-based Instructor Station which controls Conversion Kits. Conversion Kits are cabins of mining equipment like Dumpers, Excavators, Dozers.

The simulator uses 3D computer generated imagery and simulates realistic motion feel, visuals and sounds. The training progresses from equipment familiarization to advanced levels of training and testing under complex driving scenarios. The simulator also has features for interactive fault-finding and rectification.

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Mining Equipment Training Simulator (METS)
Mining Equipment Training Simulator (METS)
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