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World Class Simulation
Defence – Mining – Transport – Security

Working in partnership with Zen Technologies and Drew Defence, Goal Group brings the highest standard of excellence when it comes to simulation capabilities to assist your organisation in making informed decisions with regard to strategy, cost-effectiveness, risk assessment, and training.

Zen Technologies is the largest supplier of military, mining and transport simulators to India, and Drew Defence are world-renowned specialists in pyrotechnic simulation and training products who possess more than 5 decades of experience. Working with these two world-class organisations allows Goal Group to offer your business a breadth of simulation capabilities.

Defence/Law Enforcement

Working within the defence and law enforcement sectors, Goal is able to provide a range of specialised simulations including:

  • Small arms training
  • Advanced weapons
  • Hand grenades
  • Combat training
  • Tactical engagement
  • 81mm integrated mortars
  • Artillery forward observer
  • Anti-tank guided missiles
  • Infantry combat vehicle driving
  • Infantry combat vehicle integrated missiles
  • Tank driving
  • Gunnery and crew gunnery
  • Medium machine guns
  • Shoulder-fired rockets
  • Tactical engagement
  • Armoured personnel carrier driving
  • Special and heavy vehicle
  • Mining simulations as well as tank and driving simulations

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Tactical Engagement Simulator (TacSim)
81mm Integrated Mortar Simulator (81mm IMS)
Hand Grenade Simulator (HE 36S)
transport sim 5

Transport Simulation

Goal’s bus driving simulator is a versatile indoor training system suitable for drivers of varying levels and skill-sets. The simulation includes a to-scale bus cabin with the gauges, controls, transmission systems and indicators found on buses. Our bus driving simulation software has been specially developed to authentically represent the environment most bus drivers will experience when they’re on the job.

We’re also able to provide you with:

Drive Aptitude Testing System (DATS)

Driving Simulator (DS)

Driving Training Simulator (DTS)

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Weapons Effect Simulator

 Goal Group works with Drew Defence to offer an extensive range of simulation services as training material which exposes individuals to the flashes, bangs and smoke indicative of combat environments. Goal Group’s weapon effect simulators use laser projections for training purposes rather than utilising bullets and missiles.

Our product range includes:

Signal and Illumination

Minefield Breaching

Training and Simulation

Civil Pyrotechnics

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Mining Simulation

 Goal Group’s mining equipment training simulator is a state-of-the-art indoor simulator that provides operators with comprehensive training on standard mining equipment such as dumpers, shovels/excavators, as well as a range of dozers.

Goal’s mining equipment training simulators are suitable for training basic operating procedures as well as imparting advanced knowledge regarding heavy machinery intrinsic to the mining industry. The simulators utilise 3D computer generated imagery which simulates realistic motion, visuals and sounds. The training progresses from equipment familiarisation, through to advanced level training and testing under complex driving scenarios.

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