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Surge Staffing

The work flow in a business is rarely static.  Often there are seasonal ebbs and flows which you can manage but when a project or opportunity comes along that requires extra staff for a short period, businesses can find themselves scrambling to meet demand.  This is exacerbated when the additional staff you need must have a particular skill set, qualification or level of experience that will allow them to get on with the job quickly.

Through the Goal Group network we have access to hundreds of consultants, many of whom have unique and specialised skill sets that are hard to find in the marketplace, especially for short term assignments.

Goal can take the hassle and expense out of filling your staff gaps.  We will provide the right person for the job and handle all employment requirements.  Once the project is complete or you have no need for the additional staff any more, there is nothing for you to do other than shake their hand and wish them well!

Our core speciality is providing resources for bid or tender submissions and reviews.  Goal has this capability in-house with highly respected consultants who have helped previous clients to bring in contracts with a total value of around $200M.

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