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Requirements are often wrong, irrelevant, or incomplete, and not because they were misunderstood. They were wrong from the start. In addition, requirements statements tend to change frequently and continuously. Why would that be? A reasonable conclusion is that the requirements that we are trying to elicit (draw out) don’t actually exist yet. It is the process of drawing them out that is making people think about them – possibly for the first time. That’s why they change so often. In other words, people are designing their process on the fly and in an unstructured and unreliable manner.


Our experienced consultants use processes aligned withe IIBA’s BABoK. We partner with our clients, creatively applying our knowledge and expertise, to facilitate a process design that meets their strategic, cultural and organizational needs.   Methods used by our consultants include lean process improvements and Six Sigma

Our results include:

  • Improving the throughput of our client’s current processes
  • Producing more with fewer resources and less stress
  • Eliminating or minimizing manual steps needed to get the job done
  • Leveraging existing technology to support more of the business process with limited or no additional investment
  • Providing the organization with a clear understanding of how departments interact, what information is exchanged and how/why the information is needed, allowing for improved ongoing management and tracking

Please contact us to discuss how we can help assists in the development or review of specific business processes.

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