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Business Architecture Design or Review


In our experience, as organisations grow in size and complexity, there comes a time when no-one knows in detail how the various parts of the business model interact – existing business architecture descriptions are fragmented, incomplete or incorrect because they are complex and expensive to maintain.  In some organisations we’ve worked in, many people don’t know exactly what the organisation does.

This may not be a problem when the business model is stable, but if the need arises to make major changes, it becomes difficult to predict what impact a change ‘over here’ will have ‘over there’.  If the change is a major organisational transformation, the lack of a coherent description of the business architecture becomes an impediment to formulation of the change strategy and the subsequent design of the projects required to deliver the strategic objectives sought.  And the level of internal disruption arising from the transformation might not be obvious, meaning that inadequate provision is made to support organisational change.


We bring our detailed knowledge and experience of business analysis, business model design, and of the Blueprint theme of the MSP transformational programme management method to bear.  We assist our clients develop and socialise business architecture descriptions describing what is done, how and by whom, using what infrastructure and subject to what management controls.

Our description of business architecture is tailored to suit the needs of the organisation across dimensions such as:

  • Business Strategy – expresses the drivers and strategic goals of the organization.
  • Business Capabilities – expressed in terms of the business functions performed, distinguishing customer-facing functions, supplier-related functions, core business execution functions, and business management functions.
  • Business Knowledge – expressing the terminology and business rules of the organisation, and associated management information requirements.
  • Business Process – the strategic, core and support processes of the organisation.
  • Organizational – the relationships among roles, capabilities and business units, and management.

We can then assist organisations formulate programmes and projects to deliver the desired business architecture.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation develop or review high-level business architectures to support strategy development and implementation through programmes and projects

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