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Asset Management

An asset management strategy will empower your business with information that will allow you to confidently project forward earnings and expenditure based upon the usage of that asset.  Armed with this information you are in a position to drive the changes to your business unit. In this period of shrinking budgets and greater scrutiny from boards and stakeholders, the emphasis on fiscal prudence has never before been under greater scrutiny.

Accordingly strategic, intelligent and fiscally responsible investments in capital assets need to be undertaken that address the longer term cost of the investment against the return. To ensure you achieve this goal, a tailored and robust asset management strategy will provide stakeholders the information required to make an informed decision on the value of the asset to be inducted on your asset register.

Understanding how your asset is to be utilised provides information that will enable you to plan such activities as maintenance down times and their durations and the associated activities that can be utilised during this period. This can inform actions such as, investing in your workforce through up-skilling or planning annual leave cycles. Through understanding what drives these activities you are in a position to forecast business expenditure for the life of the asset whilst optimising your return on investment.

For unplanned activities, through intelligent forecasting you will be in a position to minimise the unplanned activities, this may be through holding spares or entering into service level agreements with support agencies. This thinking will build stronger bonds between you and your suppliers as the reliability of supply and demand is established and strengthened. Through the asset management strategy you will be better placed to understand where your asset is in its life cycle, allowing you to forecast for either an upgrade of the asset or its replacement.

Asset management principles are based upon sound engineering and process disciplines used today across many government and infrastructure utilities. The key to a sound asset management strategy is to ensure to tailor it to your environment. Fundamental to this is always to, plan, do, check and act.

Supportability Analysis, Life Cycle Costing, Reliability Centred Maintenance, Level of Repair Analysis, Criticality Analysis, Spares Optimisation, Maintenance Requirement Analysis and supportability information management are developed and established by Goal Group for you to maximise the maintainability, reliability and availability of your key assets.

In fact we aim to assist in all aspects of project and program support.

How Can Asset Management Help Your Organisation?

Goal’s Principal Consultant is a member of the amcouncil.

Ask yourself

As a business owner or operator do you really know or understand the total cost of ownership of the new asset you are about to invest in or already use?

Past Experience

Goal consultants have extensive and proven skills in Project Management, Supportability Analysis, Asset Maintenance Analysis, project based finance, Operational Management and Integrated Logistics Support, across all industries including Manufacturing, Defence, Aerospace and Infrastructure projects.

The Asset Journal is the official publication of the Asset Management Council, commencing in 2007. Its purpose is to create a broad awareness of the value of asset management, nurture a common understanding of asset management and provide a portal to asset management knowledge and resources.

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