Integrated Logistic Support

Throughout an asset’s development life cycle, the focus and application of integrated logistic support (ILS) shifts, however the goal always remains constant. To meet the needs of our customers, Goal has developed a segmented approach to ILS which offers unique solutions and support for each stage of the asset’s life cycle.

Asset Management

The development of an asset management strategy will empower your business with information that will allow you to confidently project forward earnings and expenditures based upon your usage of an asset over its lifetime.

With the goal of maximising efficiency and reducing costs, Goal Group endeavours to create a detailed and robust asset management strategy which is precisely tailored to provide stakeholders with the information required to make an informed decision regarding the value of the asset which is to be added to your organisations asset register.

As part of the asset management services Goal is able to provide for your organisation, our competent and capable professions are able to support your organisation in supportability analysis; life cycle costing; reliability centred maintenance; level of repair analysis; criticality analysis; spares optimisation; maintenance requirement analysis; and supportability information management. All of these services ensure you are able to maximise the maintainability, reliability, and availability of your key assets.

Project & Programme Management

Project & Programme Management

Goal Group’s experience and expertise in project and programme management can be traced all the way back to our beginnings. Our group’s founding principals had enjoyed long careers in the government and defence sectors which imbued them with the experience and know-how to develop training, coaching and mentoring products specific to project and programme management within government and defence sectors.

Today, Goal Group is able to offer our clients a full complement of project and programme management products and services. Whether your organisation requires support on a long term or short term basis, Goal Group has the flexibility and talent to expertly meet your needs.

Our group, project, and programme management professionals specialise in managing strategy and project bid support; recovering troubled products; interim leadership; filling gaps within your organisation; and supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity.

Assurance & Risk Management

Goal Group’s consultancy staff has in-depth experience in establishing and undertaking risk management frameworks for projects and programmes. Our team of risk management personnel bring a high level of expertise and a wealth of experience to the table which has enabled Goal Group to successful undertake the management of a variety of projects for clients from a wide range of industries.

Goal Groups risk management team has developed an efficient process for risk identification and assessment which we deliver to our clients in a workshop setting. Throughout the workshop, our facilitators stimulate discussion and draw on individual output in order to draw on the expertise, skills and experience of your in-house team.

The risk assessment strategies that Goal Group develops is fully adaptable to suit any area of risk, at any level of your organisation. This includes operational risk reviews and strategic risk assessment; development and implementation of enterprise-wide risk and compliance programmes; compliance audits and compliance reviews; mediation, dispute investigation and resolution meditation training; security and site surveys; WHY audits, reviews, plans and programme development; security and investigation services; insurance program reviews and tenders; critical infrastructure audits and reviews; business continuity and disaster recover planning and crisis management consultancy; fraud and corruption reviews, ethics and fraud and corruption training; policy and procedure development and training delivery across all risk areas; online training and compliance programmes; corporate governance health check and board reviews training; and data analytics services.

All of the assurance and risk management services which Goal Group provides are undertaken within a framework which has been successfully applied to numerous projects, both large and small-scale, throughout the years.

Change & Management

Change Management

Solutions and well managed projects are the building blocks for success, however, without appropriate implementation, and a focus on the human variable, change can be met with resistance which prevents follow through and implementation. Managing the human side of change is the key to meeting objectives and is why change management is necessary.

Goal Group’s experienced team has extensive experience in managing change which delivers a significant return on investment. We effectively manage change so that your employees have a solid understanding of why change is happening; employees engage in both the solution and the change; training is used to build knowledge after employees have made the personal decision to support the change; resistance is identified and dealt with early in the process; senior leaders demonstrate their own and the organisation’s commitment to the change; communications are segmented and customised for different audience, answer the questions that they care about; momentum is built throughout different areas and levels within the organisation; changes are less painful to the organisation and the employees; a coalition of support among senior leaders and manager creates momentum throughout the organisation; and probability of meeting project objectives is increased.

Process Improvement

As external consultants to your organisation, Goal has a fresh perspective on your processes and tasking. With our vision, experience, and know-how, we will work with your business to optimise big projects and streamline day-to-day processes.

Goal Group’s process improvement services are backed by industry best practice and incorporate the experience and how-to of our team to deliver a process improvement plan which include the elements of continuous improvement, business process improvement, as well as lean and six sigma thinking. Our approach can be universally applied to any business, operating in any industry.

Goal Group accomplishes process improvement by defining the process and how it is done; measuring the process’ performance to establish a baseline for efficiency; stabilising the process by removing any variation within it; improving the process and defining how it should be done; ensuring that process is maintained through its lifespan.

LEAN/Six Sigma Thinking

Goal prides itself on the ability to consistently deliver superior results across different industries. This is due to the fundamental understanding of lean principles rather than lean tools.  The principles of lean thinking were developed in the Toyota Motor Corporation and Goal members have been able to adapt these principles to a number of industries, successfully and on a regular basis.

Goal members have delivered successful lean training at an executive level and through the organisation to operator level. Lean training programs have been developed and adapted, using universal principles, to the following industries:

  • Metal high volume processing
  • Metal and plastic jobbing shop
  • Fresh food and agricultural
  • Dairy industry – packaging and distribution
  • Distribution
  • Back office processing – accounts payable, account receivable
  • Property management
  • Vehicle sales
  • Insurance claims
  • Salary packaging and novated lease
  • Food manufacturing
  • Public service leadership
  • Plastic injection moulding

Engineering Services

The Goal Group offers professional services in structural, civil and mechanical engineering and is able to undertake any sized project from concept design to construction and project management. A broad base of skills, highly qualified engineers and experienced drafting personnel allow flexibility in the approach to design and ensures that the needs of individual clients are met.

Coach & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Goal Group Australia is dedicated to improving our customers’ organisations through in depth and rigorous training, coaching and mentoring. Our professional consultants have a vested interest in elevating your organisation through coaching and mentoring.


By leveraging the power of our network, Goal Group can handle large-scale projects with an expertly trained team, who are able to work together to overcome resource limitations. The organisations and individuals that we work with furnish us with the capability of offering complimentary and comprehensive services for organisations within the defence, government and corporate sectors.

Included in our core competencies is the large scale disposal of significant fleets of assets as they reach the end of their economic life cycle. To accomplish these large scale tasks, Goal helms an organisation of organisations who each handle the specialised processes of asset disposal. Functioning in this way, the client experience is such that all interactions have the feel of working with one company or organisation.

Technical Documentation

Goal is equipped to help your business create technical documentation pertinent to your ongoing projects and systems.