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Bid / Tender Assistance

Is Opportunity knocking on your door but when you open the door, no-one is there?

Finding opportunities isn’t that hard, but winning the work is a different matter.  Unless you have an constant stream of opportunities flowing into your business, you can’t afford to have someone on staff full-time to work on your bid or tender response.  But at the same time, you need good quality people with bid/tender experience if you are going to have a change to win the prize.

Or maybe you have the people but your bids are just not winning,  Often this is because the requirements of the tender are being misunderstood or something vital has been missed. Whether you have a simple, straight forward tender that only needs someone to check for compliance, or a large complex tender that requires a specialist bid team, Goal can help.

Our team are qualified practitioners who apply best practice methodologies to all aspects of the tender process.  We understand that no-one knows your business like you do, so we won’t hijack your bid but rather we will work with you to maximise your chances of success. Goal Group has successfully assisted on bids for Defence projects, government departments and major corporations helping to bring in over $200m of work to our clients. If you have a small, simple tender we can put together a package price so that you know up front what the cost will be.  You can then decide whether you can afford to use our services, though perhaps the question should be whether you can afford not to!

For large, complex bids we charge a competitive rate based on a number of factors such as the level and length of the commitment and the skill level of the consultants required. For more information or to find out more about the services Goal can offer, please Contact Us.

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