If you deal with US controlled goods/technology or export Australian controlled goods/technology, you will be aware that some very strict regulations apply to the handling of these goods.  The penalties for getting it wrong can be severe therefore it is imperative that staff are aware of the requirements.

While face-to-face training is the optimum medium for engaging with staff and ensuring compliance, it can be expensive, time consuming and a logistical nightmare to remove a number of staff at the same time from their daily roles.  Plus it is impractical to arrange face-to-face training for new employees or contractors as they join your organisation.

The answer is eLearning!

Goal have created an eLearning induction designed to give a basic awareness of this topic in a straightforward and cost effective way, conveniently accessed through our online Training Management Platform.

This course is suitable for anyone new to export control or as a refresher for those already dealing with controlled goods or technology.

The courseware is regularly updated and once enrolled, students have unlimited access to the course which they can refer back to as a refresher or can access if updates or changes are made.

Anytime, anywhere, at their own convenience.

Throughout the course there are Knowledge Checks along the way to ensure that users comprehend what they are reading.

If an incorrect answer is given in a quiz, users are given another opportunity to try again. If they are still unable to give the correct answer, information is displayed in a pop-up screen to explain where they are going wrong.

While the information contained in our standard program is quite generic, components can be tailored to include your own company details, logo and terminology or to include examples that are specific to your industry.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the full session, with a Certificate available for printing at the completion of the course.

The course is broken into six main sections.

There is also extra information provided via the Resources button at the bottom of each page. These resources include links to other websites where you can find additional information.

* Course Introduction
* Export Controls - What Do They Mean
* Australian Defence Export Control
* US Defence Export Controls: ITAR/EAR
* Licences and Authorisations
* Compliance

Interactive screens are utilised to provide detailed information on different topics by clicking on the buttons which opens a pop-up screen.

Common agreement types are covered in some detail as these are the foundations of a compliant Export Control Management System.

Remember, training in Defence Export Controls is one of the key compliance measures that can help protect your business from possible breaches.  We recommend you include this course as part of your induction procedure for new employees/contractors and for your induction refreshes.

For more information on our ITAR/EAR and Export Control services, please download our ITAR Brochure.