Suppliers entering the Defence sector are faced with several business decisions in relation to streamlining their management system. Most companies have been certified to AS/NZS 9001:2016 and for Defence primes, this is the basic ‘entry ticket’.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) has become front of mind amongst all levels of Government and the private sector, particularly since recent pandemic and bush fire related business disruptions. This seminar will fast-track your:

  • ability to create a BCP for your own company, which is generally a tender response requirement to be able to work as a vendor for Defence
  • ability to understand how BCP fits in the broader Defence sector’s internal processes and how Defence (as many other Australian Government agencies) has been challenged by recent disasters in terms of their own Business Continuity capability including supply chain disruptions.

This 6 week course will cover the following:

  • Introduction to the Business As Usual 8-step ‘wheel’ of best practice Business Continuity Management (BCM) ©, any standards (e.g. ISO 22301), translating risk appetite into clear Business Continuity (BC) objectives, understanding key operational risks and how to categorise them based on consequence and documenting a user-friendly Risk Matrix.
  • How to create multi-disciplinary BCP teams across 3 disaster phases, and achieve buy-in and enthusiasm from staff and managers to play a role in these.
  • Seeking guidance from executives to agree on time-critical processes, collecting each department’s continuity requirements, initial (manual) work-arounds and related Maximum Tolerable Periods of Disruption (MTPDs) through the use of concise workshops and simple templates.
  • Creating a BCP-on-a-Page and determining Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for key resources.
  • Developing a ‘toolkit’ style activation plan including appropriate incident notification tools, Quick Reference Cards and integrated IT Disaster Recovery procedures.
  • Where to store the BCP securely but easily accessible, even if your systems are down or your building is inaccessible.
  • Developing staff awareness about their BCP role before/during/after an incident
  • How to facilitate BCP tests and rehearsals including believable scenarios.
  • Maintaining your BCP and keeping the process ‘alive’ and compliant with relevant requirements.


Podcast – Available on demand (30 minutes). 

  • Introduction to seminar and facilitator
  • Description of seminar bundle including learning outcomes

Week 1 – Webinar – 60 minutes, plus 30 minutes optional chat room participation

  • BC objectives
  • Risk assessment

Week 2 – Webinar – 60 minutes, plus 30 minutes optional chat room participation

  • BC facilitator nomination
  • BC team structure

Week 3 – eLearning – 45 minute video, 75 minutes individual work

  • Instructions for completion of templates, including:
    • Time-critical business process examples
    • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • BCP-on-a-Page

Week 4 – Webinar – 60 minutes, plus 30 minutes optional chat room participation

  • Review of completed templates and sharing of work-arounds and continuity strategies with other delegates

Week 5 – Webinar – Webinar – 60 minutes, 30 minutes optional chat room participation plus 60 minutes of individual work

  • Documenting the BCP
  • Quick Reference Cards

Week 6 – Webinar – 60 minutes, plus 30 minutes optional chat room participation

  • BCP Training and Awareness
  • BCP Tests and Exercises
  • Reviewing the BCP

1 Month After Completion – 60 minutes chat room session

  • Post course review

Post-seminar level 1 and level 2 upskill opportunity (ISO 22301 standard for Business Continuity)

Delegates who have completed this seminar could participate in the following compact 2-day Business Continuity seminars including certification exam:

  1. Level 1 upskill opportunity including lifetime global ISO 22301 Foundation certification
  2. Level 2 upskill opportunity including global ISO 22301 Lead Implementer certification


Ms Rinske Geerlings was awarded Risk Consultant of the Year 2017 by the RMIA, Outstanding Security Consultant of the Year 2019 Finalist by the OSPAs and BPW Businesswoman 2010-2013. She is an internationally known consultant, speaker and certified Business Continuity, Information Security & Risk Management trainer.

She draws on more than 20 years’ experience across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Rinske has been changing the way organisations ‘plan for the unexpected’. Her facilitation skills enable organisations to achieve their own results and simplifying their processes. She applies a fresh, energetic, fun, practical, easy-to-apply, innovative approach to Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Security, Risk and Disaster Recovery… topics often perceived as dull and cumbersome.