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Goal Group Australia is dedicated to helping the clients and organisations that we work with reach new heights through the training and up-skilling of their greatest asset – their team. Our team of experts all possess the required accreditations to train and certify your team in a number of specialised areas. What is more, our highly skilled trainers have a passion for elevating the organisations we work with and we put that passion into action for the betterment of your business.

  • Corporate Training Packages
  • Executive Briefings
  • eLearning Suite
  • Export Control & ITAR Training
  • PRINCE2®, MSP® and more
  • Project Management and P3M
  • Quality Management

Export Control/ITAR/EAR Training 

To safeguard your company from unnecessary risk, we provide specialised training and advice across ITAR, EAR and Australian Export Controls. Delivered by industry experts, we educate your staff and contractors on the rules and regulations and help you to build robust processes so you can operate with confidence.

Our face-to-face Export Control training is a full day course which is designed to give participants a basic understanding of the regulations.

Delivered by our resident ITAR/EAR specialists, this training program is invaluable for companies and employees to build knowledge and organisation capacity in the compliance process.

Need a more flexible option for training?  Then have a look at our online eLearning for Export Controls.


Goal Groups accredited eLearning platforms enables you to learn as if you are present in a classroom environment, without leaving your office. Our eLearning programs are exciting, vibrant and intensive.

We’ve developed an all-inclusive package which includes our dynamic eLearning program, combined with our remote delegate support commitment, which means you are able to learn from anywhere, at any time.

Prince2 refers to projects in controlled environments and is a process-based method of effective project management.

Goal Group is able to offer Prince2 methodology training at all competency levels, from the awareness, or introductory level, through to advanced level knowledge of the Prince 2 approach to project management.

MSP refers to managing successful programmes and is a methodology which involves a core set of principles and processes which guide individuals in managing a programme. The aim of MSP training is to improve your organisation’s efficiency when it comes to programme and project management.

Goal Group is able to offer MSP training at all levels, from the awareness level through to advanced knowledge.

P3O refers to portfolio, programme and project offices. The P3O model is in line with the Pince2 and MSP methodologies and provides the structure, governance, functions and services necessary for your organisation to create an effective portfolio while delivering consistency within the programmes and projects you manage.

Goal Group is able to offer comprehensive training and coaching across all competencies within the P3O methodology.

MoV refers to the management of value. MoV training differs from the Prince2 and MSP methodologies in that its focus is on value and endows organisations with the ability to minimize costs while maximising value in line with the programme and project objectives of key stakeholder requirements.

M_o_R is an acronym of Management of Risk. It provides a generic framework for the management of risk across all activities of an organisation. M_o_R guidance brings together recommended approaches, checklists and pointers to more detailed sources of advice on tools and techniques. M_o_R is aligned with ISO31000, but provides additional detailed guidance on how to embed risk management in an organisation.

Programmes and projects have been the focus of organisations’ efforts to manage change for many years. More recently, portfolio management has come to the fore as organizations have become increasingly aware that delivery is only half the battle. Just as important is whether or not the change initiatives are the ‘right’ ones and whether the potential return on investment is achieved.

Training Roadmap General P3M Course

General P3M Courses

P3M refers to project, programme and portfolio management. Our P3M learning stream coaches your business and works with management within your organisation to improve the core competencies of your project teams by identifying opportunities for improvement.

Our general P3M courses will endow your team with a clear understanding of how P3M is structured and will assist your team in initiating a process improvement plan using P3M.

Executive Briefings

Goal Group offers organisations a selection of executive briefings designed to introduce your business to a range of approaches to the ongoing development of your organisation, both at the individual and corporate level.

Goal provides executive briefings when there is sufficient demand for them. If you are interested in attending one of Goal Group’s executive briefings, contact us to register your interest.

We are also able to provide your organisation with an in-house briefing which can be tailored to meet your business’ unique needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or request a quote.

Change Management

Dealing with change and more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organisations. It is said that change is the only constant in business, and perfecting the art of change management can be a challenge in any organisation. Being able to develop and implement effective change initiatives is paramount to ensuring ongoing business success.

The Change Management Certification has been developed by APMG in partnership with the Change Management Institute (CMI), an independent, global professional association of change managers. Together they have developed a professional ‘body of knowledge’ for the discipline of change management. This body of knowledge now provides an independent benchmark for the professional knowledge expected of an effective change manager.

The Change Management certification is fully aligned with the change management body of knowledge. The syllabus samples a wide range of knowledge regarding the theory and practice of change management including:

  • change and the individual;
  • change and the organization;
  • communication and stakeholder engagement and;
  • change practice.
business process

Better Business Cases

Better Business Cases is a systematic and objective approach to all stages of the business case development process.

The Better Business Cases guidance is based on the Five Case Model, the UK government’s best practice approach to planning spending proposals and enabling effective business decisions. This provides a step by step guide to developing a business case, by:

  • Establishing a clear justification for intervention – a case for change;
  • Setting clear objectives – what you want to achieve from the investment;
  • Considering a wide range of potential solutions – ensuring an optimal balance of benefits, cost and risk;
  • Putting the arrangements in place to successfully deliver the proposal.

Better Business Cases also provides an Options Framework, that can be used to generate and assess a wide range of options for projects and programmes.

Corporate Training Packages

When you need large-scale change within your organisation, Goal Group will help with the planning through to implementation. We offer corporate training solutions for businesses and organisations within the government, defence and corporate sectors.

For more information about the corporate training solutions that Goal has to offer your business, contact us or call us at (02) 4967 4500.