Goal Project Support Suite

At Goal Group, we are passionate about working within organisations to upskill their team on both a corporate and individual level through personalised coaching, mentoring and training. To help elevate the organisations that we work with, we have developed the Goal Project Support Suite which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

The Goal Project Support Suite encapsulates 3 primary elements:

  • Goal’s tailorable Project Solution Suite
  • Goal’s tailorable Quality Management Support Suite which is based on an e-collaboration product platform
  • Implementation of a customer relationship management suite that provides tracking, training, and other products, as well as cost basis for quotations, quotations and leads, and a dashboard for monthly review.
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The Project Solution Suite

When it comes to project management solutions, many organisations don’t have the capacity to develop their approach to project management through extensive trial and error in the same way as large enterprises. While smaller organisations are typically unable to invest their time and finances into evolving their project management methods, they remain the most vulnerable to poor project performance.


Goal Group developed our Project Support Suite with small and medium enterprises in mind. Our approach is based on internationally recognised PRINCE2® project management method and is backed by more than a decade of experience in implementing project management methods within the organisations that we have worked with.


Web Based Quality Management Suite

Web-based quality management solutions provide organisations with a method for streamlining their approach to quality management. This is especially important for organisations operating within highly regulated industries such as those within defence and government sectors.

Goal’s Quality Management Suite provides small to medium enterprises with the essential tools for the development of efficient processes which create a foundation of success and keeps the organisations Goal works with, on the cutting edge of their industries.

Included in Goal’s Quality Management Suite is information regarding:

  • Quality Manual
  • Quality Processes
  • Audit Records
  • Document Version Control
  • Supply Chain Access
  • Staff Access
  • Project Solution Suite Templates and Work Flows

eCollaboration and Confluence

Utilising confluence software enables the organisations that Goal Group works with to collaborate in a more comprehensive and overarching way by giving all team members access to the ideas, requirements, customer insights, design and documentation which is needed for the successful execution of a project.

The eCollaboration and confluence software that Goal Group utilises can be expertly tailored to seamlessly fit the unique needs of each organisation that we work with. Combined with our consulting team’s experience and expertise, Goal is able to create and implement a project management solution to meet your organisation’s needs.

P001 – Welcome to the PSS

This is an introduction and overview

P002 – The PMM Policy

Each organisation needs to establish business rules around the use of its project management method. This is a sample of such a policy document

P003 – Reference Card

Once trained in the PSS most people will be able to use it with just this reference chart as a memory jogger

P004 – Project Management Manual

This is a detailed description of the organisations project management method

P005 – Work Sizing Template

All projects should not be treated in the same way. We provide some guidance so that smaller projects aren’t hindered by bureaucracy while larger, riskier projects are subjected to a higher degree of control

P006 – Templates Index

A list of the document templates provided in the PSS

P007 – Project Management for a Simple Project

While each project is unique, there are similarities between projects. The PSS provides a standard work-plan for simple, standard and difficult projects. This is a taste of the work-plan for simple projects

P008 – Project Managers Handbook

A ‘How to use the PSS’ guide for project managers

P009 – Project Managers Checklist

This is essentially a set of checklists for project managers as a reminder of what they should be doing over the life of a project

P010 – Project Governance Handbook

A ‘How to use the PSS’ guide for those governing projects

P011 – Project Governance Checklist

This is essentially a set of checklists for project managers as a reminder of what they should be doing over the life of a project

P012 – Customisation Guide

The PSS out-of-the-box will be useful to smaller organisations, but its value can be greatly increased if it is customised to better fit in with organisational procedures and culture

The Latest Version of Goal’s Project Support Suite ISO 9001

The latest version of Goal’s Project Support Suite, ISO 9001, is more effective than ever. Included in ISO 9001 are a range of solutions which will help your organisation expertly manage your next big project.

Our Project Support Suite will help you:

  • Develop quality policies and procedures which will ensure the quality of your product or service is consistent.
  • Develop systems which will ensure your products or services comply with applicable laws, regulations and other product or service related requirements.
  • Undertake documents and records control.
  • Establish quality objectives.
  • Management reviews.
  • Develop a system for managing feedback from your customers, be that feedback positive or negative.
  • Personnel training, upskilling and competency assessments.
  • Internal audit planning and programming.
  • Preventative and corrective actions which can be implemented to ensure success.
  • Control of monitoring and measuring equipment.
  • Continual improvement of quality management solution performance.

ISO 9001 is the perfect fit for business and organisations of any size. Additionally, our project support suite can be easily integrated into any other ISO management systems, including AS 4801 Safety and ISO 14001 Environment.

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