Defence Ready Training

Are you an SME that wants to break into the defence industry
or is looking for new opportunities in the sector?

Defence is a multi-billion-dollar industry and SMEs provide more than half of the sector’s employees, so there are plenty of opportunities for regional manufacturers and providers of goods and services to participate. However, many firms don’t know how to meet defence industry requirements or build the business relationships that will help them win contracts.

Hunter Defence can help SMEs gain an understanding of the compliance requirements and procurement processes specific to the defence industry so they can position their firm to be a defence supplier.

Our education and preparedness workshops provide the knowledge SMEs need to develop successful business and selling strategies within the defence sector. We also help firms to connect with contractors, fellow suppliers and industry experts and can alert them to contract opportunities and avenues for government assistance.

Our aim is to help SMEs progress from being ‘Defence Interested’ to ‘Defence Ready’ – with potential to become an Advanced Defence SME or an industry Supplier of Choice.

Hunter Defence and AIDN NSW (the Australian Industry & Defence Network – NSW Incorporated), are running a Defence Readiness Seminar series designed to educate, prepare, grow and mature NSW businesses who are either active in, or considering, Defence as a business opportunity.

The Seminar Series is designed to assist SMEs to:

  • develop sustainable organisational capabilities and competencies to meet Australian and International Defence Prime Contractor requirements;
  • overcome identified weaknesses or shortfalls in their capabilities, competencies; or
  • when they must meet specific Defence tender requirements that require a credible response.

Goal Group is the specialist training provider delivering this series. Goal Group is a Member Firm for the Hunter Defence Task Force and a long time AIDN NSW member. A training provider of strategies, methodologies, tools and techniques for those in Defence Sector and those planning to enter the Sector, Goal has brought together a team of highly experienced consultants and trainers to deliver the program.



A number of Podcasts are available which provide more in-depth information on the seminar series. These include:

Episode 1: An introduction to the Defence Readiness Seminar Series with Alan Rankins, CEO of Goal Group. Alan, with a background of over 48 years in Defence and Defence Industry, gives an overall view of the series and its value to SMEs.

Episode 2: Description of the role of the Hunter Defence Task Force. Presented by Mr Tim Owen from Hunter Defence.

Episode 3: Discusses the preparedness of SME’s and how they can contribute to Defence. Present by Ms Rinske Geerlings from Business As Usual.

Episode 4: Discussing the importance of Mental Health to business in general and SME’s preparedness for dealing with Defence. Presented by Ms Carmel Loughland of Everymind.



Seminar Series Topics


Explorer – for those with little or no knowledge of the Defence market and wishing to discover if it may be for them.

Exponent – for those entering the market and wanting to know more about it.

Expert – for those already in the market and now needing specific skill areas.

The Mental Health and Business Continuity seminars are appropriate across all levels.


Defence Introduction – A range of virtual learning modules that covers the basics of Defence awareness, including such things as procurement, Defence needs, innovation, funding, Global Supply Chains and a description of Defence Readiness.



Defence Business Development 101 – Looks at the strategy development for Defence, along with the requirements for such diverse things as branding, marketing and messaging, the value and importance of trade shows, submissions and capital raising.

Defence Tendering 101: Examine the secrets to writing successful and winning tenders for Defence contracts from the perspective of the customer.

Introduction to Defence ISO Standards: Focuses on the ISO requirements applicable to Defence and Prime Contractors.

Defence Industry Security Program (DISP): Build knowledge and organisational capacity to understand the requirements for managing security risks and meeting the initial and ongoing requirements of DISP membership.

Defence Legal Considerations: A set of topics deemed essential to success in the Defence market. Ensure that you remain aware of the legal framework applicable to you.

Collaboration in Defence: Dive deeper into collaboration in Defence. It will utilise case studies and experience from Industry professionals who have been there themselves to give valuable experiences to take away.

Defence Cyber Regulatory Controls: Highlighting Defence Regulatory Compliance as a Requirement…and a Strategic Advantage. It will look at the current cyber threat environment and provide an understanding of how and why the cyber environment is like it is.


Defence Export Controls: A focus on providing awareness of the Australian and US regulations from the perspective of an Australian SME, looking closely at the compliance requirements implicit with the handling and management of controlled technology.

Custodial Information Management – Internal Threat Mitigation for the Defence Supply Chain Members: Addressing the mandatory legislations that companies must comply with (NDB / GDPR), before moving on to Defence specific regulations like ITAR / NIST SP 800-171. Custodial Information Security and a definition of how it differs from traditional network/perimeter security solutions. Will also be addressed through a mixture of case histories and specific examples.

Advanced Defence ISO: The higher-level ISO and Quality requirements for the supply chain, including in areas such as configuration and asset management and Quality Plans.


The following 2 courses have now been completed and were a great success. Both courses were oversubscribed and we currently have a wait-list for the next round. With excellent feedback from our attendees, we are excited to be planning the next rollout and look forward to working with our highly respected Team.

Introduction to Business Continuity: Delivered by Business As Usual Managing Director Ms Rinske Geerlings, this 6-week webinar series will fast-track SMEs ability to create a Business Continuity Plan, which is generally a tender response requirement to be able to work as a vendor for Defence.


Building a Mentally Healthy and Resilient Workforce: Practical Skills for Leaders: Delivered by Everymind and The University of Newcastle, this seminar topic will be delivered as a series of four webinars and will span topics such as understanding mental ill-health in the workplace, communicating safely around mental health, developing coping strategies, and identifying workplace strategies to enhance mental health.





Hunter Defence Task Force acknowledges the commitment of Goal Group, the NSW Government, HunterNet, Hunter Business Chamber, RDA – Hunter, AiG, AIDN, ICN, University of Newcastle and Hunter TAFE in the cooperative development of the Defence Readiness series of seminars for SMEs.